Repeat After Me…. ”I am Free”

An unexpected oasis of calm after the stress of being on the road in Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. I found this little place, hidden away at the back of a temple in Battambang, almost lost to the jungle it seemed. Someone (or many someones) clearly left all these thought provoking images and slogans for me to find, somewhere down the line.

Jesus in my curtains

Jesus Christ (Zeus Krishna?), appeared to me for the second time in my life.

Last time I met him face to face. This time his image appeared in my curtains.



Sunset in Phnom Penh


A few seconds earlier or later and I would have missed it. The next day it set to the right.

I believe they call it perfect timing.

Let your feet do the talking

Laanden mate innit

On a brief trip to the Tate Modern.

Taking a Break

This guy decided to have a nap, with his head hanging out the door of a tram, holding up hundreds of people in rush hour. Gotta love the dog sitting there, thinking, ‘you know everyone’s staring at us, right?’



Manila Skyline

I never really liked Manila but having spent a bit of time in Makati this week, I’ve grown to enjoy it just a little.

On the Road to Sagada

And what a road… Rice terraces, mountain folk, the hill in Baguio, spectacular views or spending hours above the clouds on the highest road in the Philippines, trying to grab a bite to eat, take a pee and smoke a couple of cigarettes during the 15 minute stops on the bus or the six hour wedgies on the way back down’s all good

(All these shots were taken from the window of a very bouncy bus)

Deserves a repost


Can’t remember if I’ve posted any of these before but I think they deserve a second chance anyway. From left to right,

‘Don’t worry be happy – Fuck you’.. seen on a toilet door somewhere.

‘Center of a crop circle, probably near Avebury, 1991’.

‘If you come in, we will fuck you’ (promises promises) Seen on a wall in a derelict building somewhere near Hackney, circa 1991,

‘Big Clock’, Empty House, Somewhere in London, 1991.

Boy George at Full Tilt

Taken at various nights out in Torquay, England in 2002. Boy George mixing at Full Tilt, Fergie at Cream, Route 66 and Saturday night at The Venue. All rather low on quality due to the crappy camera I was using.










Myleene Klass in London 2009

More from the archives. I spotted Myleene Klass filming something or other in London in 2009 and fired off a few shots (like you do).
She wasn’t very happy about it though, gave me a right filthy look in fact.

Made me realise just how much the world had changed in such a short time. I get the feeling, if you saw the same scene today there’d be about 50 people standing around her, staring gormlessly into their smartphones, instead of actually experiencing the event first hand. Anyway, whatever….

East End of London, 1991

These were taken during my second stint as a ‘serious’ photographer

Life was getting pretty grim for a while back there. Everything seemed to be falling apart around me. And my photographs reflected that.

Look and you shall see,

there is nothing to be found


Angkor Watt. Temples, guides and a hell of a lot of tourists

All these pictures were taken in and around Angkor Watt and Angkor Thom recently. I didn’t take the tours, didn’t pay a guide to be blabbing in my ear all day and didn’t get up at 4am to take the same picture, recommended by all the travel books, which hundreds of thousands of people must have taken already (seriously, why bother?). I just rented a bicycle for 2 dollars and cycled around in the jungle for 5 hours. It was a fantastic morning.

All shots were taken on a ‘piece of shit,’ Nikon Coolpix.




K hole

Written circa 1993;

After, what felt like at least an hour, in a deep, thoughtful k-hole I looked at my watch, which seemed to say the same time as it had before I’d done the line.

I was sitting there alone, but I spoke out loud, possibly to convince myself that I was really there;

“How can it be 2.57?

It’s not 2.57 all the time…

It can’t be 2.57 all the time.

I refuse to believe that.”


Travelling, in Montpellier

Some of the more recent shots in the ‘travelling’ series

Angles on architecture

On The Pembury estate London, (1991) and The Big Shitty of London (2009) Montpellier, (2012) Gare de Lyon (2013) and Sete (2009)

Wandering around..the Philippines

Olangapo and Labrador in North Luzon, Cebu, and a night market in Manila

Cebu City… a somewhat alternative viewpoint

One or two sides of Cebu.. the homeless, the bright lights, gangland, the jeepneys and street scenes from above

Hitting the streets of Cairo

Pickpockets, hasslers and con men everywhere. I won’t be back in Egypt any time soon.

Sure you don’t want a camel ride?

….on visiting the great pyramids of Giza.

Well, we got hounded and hassled and threatened by the people working there and all I really wanted to do was just spend a few hours experiencing the energy of the pyramids for myself. Apparently relaxing in sacred spaces is not as easy as it would seem. Egypt

I wouldn’t recommend it to be honest, unless you enjoy being ripped off, pick pocketed and hassled every few minutes.



I quite enjoy the special kind of insanity

…..which comes about through isolation


Back on the streets… (the 2012 remix)

I keep thinking this series has run its course….

but apparently it keeps finding new legs —————————————————– lulz

Shooting from the hip in Cebu City

I took these pictures nearly a year ago now and have only just been re-editing.

Kayt Unseen

Taken at her place in 2007. We shot these when neither of us really knew what we were trying to achieve.

I gave up shooting models soon after but Kayt went on to greater things; i.e paid work


Now if that ain’t art….

aka, catch me i’m falling. Aka catch me if you can

People are Strange

More in the travelling series…..

No photoshop effects were used here. Just knowledge of photography.

London’s Burning!

This picture has no relevance at all to the riots in London or to The Clash,

except that it reminded me a little of Pennie Smith’s famous album cover for

London Calling.

That ain’t the way you treat your fucking wife

A brief audience with Peter Perrett.

One of my favourite musicians ever, probably best known for writing and singing

Another girl, another planet with The Only Ones.

I’ve been a fan of their music for over 30 years so I was very happy when Peter

kindly invited me into his home to take some informal portraits.

I’ve got to say, it was an honour and a pleasure to meet Peter and chat with him.

He even played me a few of his, as yet unreleased tracks.  Sounding as good as ever.

It’s just a shame that I was in such a rush and had to leave so soon.

Sinulog 2011, Cebu City

A lot of rain and a lot of people. 3.5 million I believe. And the rain was pouring down all day….

but it was a lot of fun, lots of smiles, some great costumes and it was well worth the trip

Bamboo workers, Cebu

These guys were amazing. I spent all day with them and have rarely

encountered such generosity in my life.

They have no right to be on their land but they’ve been there 25 years anyway

I wish them all the best and hope they get to stay there for many years to come,

although I’m sure their living conditions could improve if they felt more secure.

Thailand 1991

I’ve been scanning and editing old pictures again.

Here’s a few from my first trip to Thailand, starting with some destroyed

Buddhas in the ancient capital, Ayutthaya.

Somewhere between Thong Sala and Haad Rin in Koh Phangan.

A brief visit to the hill tribes in the north

Taken from sunset beach on Koh Phangan

And a little more strangeness in Ayutthaya

tales of light and dark

All taken from the same spot in Beziers.

shooting naked ladies

…. well, one anyway

More from India

Kite flying on the rooftops in Dehli, a cycle rickshaw in paharganj, the beautiful old houses

and smoking chillums with the babas in Manali.

the light people

Part of the series that I’m now calling ‘travelling’.

No photoshop trickery involved. Just experience and technique.


I just started messing around with this programme yesterday.

I don’t really know how it works yet but I did a few pictures I like.

running in the shadows

“Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow.

Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead.

Just walk beside me and be my friend.”  – Albert Camus

sunsets and pussycats

haven’t taken a sunset shot in years. couldn’t resist this one though

Lac Garda, Italy, 2005

Tinariwen. It’s not easy taking pictures when you can’t stop dancing

It’s a fascinating story how this group came together, during years of war and struggle in the desert.

Nowadays, they say they fight for peace with their guitars.

Mother India

A few shots from the mother land, taken in 2007-2008

20 years of shooting in the street



In loving memory of my good friend Andree Peel

My good friend Andree, who died this year, aged 104. She not only survived two concentration camps but came out of that experience with a sense of humour and a positivity that you rarely find in anyone. She spent her whole life selflessly helping others. She was 101 when we did these two impromptu photo shoots and she loved posing for the camera. She told me that the first one was the best picture anyone had ever taken of her. The rest are from the second shoot we did together. After a while she started looking for props. First she picked up a book…..then she grabbed the photo of her late husband John but as she started thinking about him, she started to cry. I put the camera away.. out of respect for the most inspirational woman I’d ever met.