Jesus in my curtains

Jesus Christ (Zeus Krishna?), appeared to me for the second time in my life.

Last time I met him face to face. This time his image appeared in my curtains.



Sunset in Phnom Penh


A few seconds earlier or later and I would have missed it. The next day it set to the right.

I believe they call it perfect timing.

The model page is back, with an Avenger

The re-modelled and somewhat reinvented model page. A few never before

and rarely seen pictures have surfaced for your viewing pleasure.

Peer pressure influenced my choice to remove these pictures in recent years.

But fuck the hippies and the feminists… I’m proud of my work.

click here or the photographer gets it


Get these brats away from me!

Saw this and couldn’t resist a screenshot


Let your feet do the talking

Laanden mate innit

On a brief trip to the Tate Modern.

Taking a Break

This guy decided to have a nap, with his head hanging out the door of a tram, holding up hundreds of people in rush hour. Gotta love the dog sitting there, thinking, ‘you know everyone’s staring at us, right?’