In loving memory of my good friend Andree Peel

My good friend Andree, who died this year, aged 104. She not only survived two concentration camps but came out of that experience with a sense of humour and a positivity that you rarely find in anyone. She spent her whole life selflessly helping others. She was 101 when we did these two impromptu photo shoots and she loved posing for the camera. She told me that the first one was the best picture anyone had ever taken of her. The rest are from the second shoot we did together. After a while she started looking for props. First she picked up a book…..then she grabbed the photo of her late husband John but as she started thinking about him, she started to cry. I put the camera away.. out of respect for the most inspirational woman I’d ever met.

4 thoughts on “In loving memory of my good friend Andree Peel

  1. Thanks Lisa. 🙂
    I’m glad you liked it.
    She used to giggle and flirt with me all the time, which was a bit
    surprising at first but once I’d got used to it I’d look forward
    to seeing her.
    Shirley sounds like a lot of fun too.
    You should definitely get round there and take some pictures.

  2. Oh how wonderful was she! What a great story Pacha…an amazing woman, would loved to have know her too. I have an 85 year old neighbor who was Miss California 1944 named Shirley Ballard…
    I love her and her stories of being an actress, dating Frank Sinatra, knowing Howard Hughes, it goes on and on…I must start shooting her before it’s too late…thank you for the reminder & inspiration. – Lisa

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