Manila Skyline

I never really liked Manila but having spent a bit of time in Makati this week, I’ve grown to enjoy it just a little.

Manila by Night, Part 2

A tall hotel, bright lights, a little movement, interesting results.

Manila by Night

Back street basketball in Chinatown, Manila. Kids running in the shadows. Nuff said.

On the Road to Sagada

And what a road… Rice terraces, mountain folk, the hill in Baguio, spectacular views or spending hours above the clouds on the highest road in the Philippines, trying to grab a bite to eat, take a pee and smoke a couple of cigarettes during the 15 minute stops on the bus or the six hour wedgies on the way back down’s all good

(All these shots were taken from the window of a very bouncy bus)

Deserves a repost


Can’t remember if I’ve posted any of these before but I think they deserve a second chance anyway. From left to right,

‘Don’t worry be happy – Fuck you’.. seen on a toilet door somewhere.

‘Center of a crop circle, probably near Avebury, 1991’.

‘If you come in, we will fuck you’ (promises promises) Seen on a wall in a derelict building somewhere near Hackney, circa 1991,

‘Big Clock’, Empty House, Somewhere in London, 1991.

Boy George at Full Tilt

Taken at various nights out in Torquay, England in 2002. Boy George mixing at Full Tilt, Fergie at Cream, Route 66 and Saturday night at The Venue. All rather low on quality due to the crappy camera I was using.










Myleene Klass in London 2009

More from the archives. I spotted Myleene Klass filming something or other in London in 2009 and fired off a few shots (like you do).
She wasn’t very happy about it though, gave me a right filthy look in fact.

Made me realise just how much the world had changed in such a short time. I get the feeling, if you saw the same scene today there’d be about 50 people standing around her, staring gormlessly into their smartphones, instead of actually experiencing the event first hand. Anyway, whatever….